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Bus Wraps from SWSE will turn heads.

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Bench & Transit shelters an amazing opportunity

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Digital Billboards are an affordable strategy

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Get in the game with rinkside advertisements

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Get moving

Capture the attention to drivers and pedestrians on a platform that moves your message across the city with a complete market saturation.
Reach up to 80,000 Impressions per day!

mark your bench

Strategically placed bench ads in high traffic areas. Benches provide excellent consumer and brand awareness and generate community good will.

transit shelters

Strategically located along busy streets, bus shelters provide excellent exposure
to thousands of people every day.

Digital Billboard

Go digital with engaging ads in high traffic locations. Digital billboards are high-impact and dynamic, offering advertising and messaging capabilities beyond traditional billboards.


Get in the game and advertise in arena, team sponsorship opportunities,
and/or in the Timmins community arenas.


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