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Welcome to SWSE, Sudbury’s premier provider of out of home sales for digital boards, transit, benches, and bus shelters. We specialize in delivering high quality branding opportunities to clients looking to reach a broad and diverse audience through eye catching displays strategically placed in high traffic areas. Our team will help your brand stand out and generate maximum exposure. Whether you’re looking to increase band awareness or promote a new product, our out of home sales solutions are the perfect way to reach your target audience and make a lasting impression. Let us help you take your company to new heights with our many out of home options.

Bus Advertising Opportunities

These ‘moving billboards’ are available in various sizes and formats
80,000 impressions per day


12 Signs per bus (6 each side)
Message is viewed during people’s entire commute

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Bench Advertising

Benches are placed strategically in high traffic areas around Greater Sudbury from April until November.

50,000 impressions per location

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Digital Billboard

Digital billboards are high-impact and dynamic, offering advertising and messaging capabilities beyond traditional billboards.185,000 – 315,000 impressions per week


-Notre Dame

Graphic Sizes

-576 x 288 72 Dpi

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